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Einige zusätzliche Informationen zum Bau des

Geschützten Führungs- und Funktionsfahrzeugs (GFF) ENOK




Some more informations about modelling the

Light Armored Patrol Vehicle (LAPV) ENOK

    The kit of Arsenal-M looks very good. Because of Rapid Prototyping the components are very rich in detail and only a few improvements are needed.

    At first one must notice, that the rear structure is sitting "too deep in the spring suspension" (pic -1-). Fortunately, the "brake drums" are large enough to file down the axle holes; then a thin rod is used as the new abutment for the axle (pic -2-). In addition, I have glued thin plastic stripes around the fenders to fill the gaps between fenders and superstructure (pic -3-). To prevent the mirror brackets from breaking I replaced them with thin steel wire.

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