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Einige zusätzliche Informationen zum

MB 2733 A Zetros




Some more informations about modelling the

MB 2733 A Zetros

    The Zetros by Cursor / Herpa is not consistently in H0 scale; it is about 3 mm too wide and the wheels are 2 mm too big in diameter. In length and height it is however quite in scale. This is also right for the cabin, which is just less than 1 mm too wide compared to Siku and the hoods of Arsenal-M and Y models.

    The chassis I have left unchanged, only made the bumper narrower with two saw-cuts. Platform and tarp I narrowed by cutting out a small stripe. The front fenders are not molded to the hood, but are attached to the bottom plate for the driver's cabin and the hood. This allows to set the correct width here by cutting out a small stripe from the center of the bottom plate.

    The front wheels and the tires on the rear axles I replaced with wheels and tires from an accessory pack of Arsenal-M. The rims on the rear axles of the Cursor model I cntinued to use and brought them to a diameter of about 6,5 mm.

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