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Einige zusätzliche Informationen zum

Kenworth T700 Containersattelzug "PacerStacktrain"





Some more informations about modifying the

Kenworth T700 with trailer and container "PacerStacktrain"

    The truck tractor is by Tonkin, but is currently distributed exclusively by Trucks N 'Stuff. Since the paint is quite thick, but perfectly though, I have not repainted the model. I have a few things revised, mainly the following:

    - I've lowered the rear of the cabin by 1/2 mm and front raised by 1 mm, so that the side panel is in the balance; also then the front wheels do no longer skid in the wheel houses (Fig. 1).
    - I've drilled out the head lights slightly and filled with BONDIC (Fig. 2 and 3).
    - The side walls of the cabin are very thick, so that the windows in the sleeper are located deep in the body as in caves, while they are in the original approximately flush with the outer wall. Therefore, I have these "caves" filled with black colored resin (Fig. 4).

    The cab guard behind the cabin is by Dennis Aust, concealing the wrong position of the exhaust pipe and its missing bracket and some hand rails.

    Trailer and container are by Athearn, made a bit dirty with diluted artist oil paint.